Zebra QL220 Speed

Some printers are configured to run at only 19200 baud rate. You can increase the speed as follows:

Setup the printer to run at 115200

1. Download and install to your desktop PC Zebra's free Label Vista program here:

2. Run Label Vista on your desktop PC with the Zebra printer connected.

    2.1 Do not go through the new hardware wizard

    2.2 Connect to the printer by going to Printer\Com Port Setup\, Select USB as the Port, after a moment select QL220+ from the USB device pull down, click OK

    2.3 Click on the icon shown as a letter "T" and then click in the upper left hand corner of the screen, write your name, click File\Print to print a label

3. Download 115200.zip and unzip the 115200.bat file to your local machine.

4. Click on Printer menu -> Send Autoexec -> Browse to the place on your local machine where you put 115200.bat --> click Send

5. Now try printing with our Zebra support again.

Note: Contact Zebra support if you need assistance for any of these steps.

Setup the scanner to run at 115200

1. Open Iscan on the scanner

2. Tap Utilities

3. Tap Label Utility

4. Select 115200 as your speed

5. Tap Show Test Screen

6. Tap Print Test Label. The label should print in less than 2 seconds