Scanner Full Install

For a new install on both PC and scanner, please follow all steps in sequence. For a new install on PC only, please do only the PC portion. For a new install on scanner only, please do only the scanner portion.

PC Portion of Scanner Full Install


Scanner Portion of Scanner Full Install for ARM scanners

Cold Restart - Only available for XScale

To cold restart an XScale scanner:

  1. Put it in the cradle and hold down the power button until it shows "resetting..." on the grey screen.
  2. You will be prompted with the normal screen taps and dental appointment
  3. Optional: to speed up downloads: first, remove PocketPC from cradle. Then on the PocketPC, run ActiveSync from the Start Menu. In the lower-right hand corner, select Tools | Options. Change the default from 57600 to 115200. Then reseat PocketPC in cradle. Downloads will now complete in about half the previous time.
  4. Setup an ActiveSynch partnership when prompted after the scanner connects. It may help to do a warm start a couple of times until the PC prompts for a partnership
  5. Update the date on the scanner: Start / Settings / System / Clock. Pick your region and then set the time.

Installing Cold Restart

  1. Cold Start to make sure you have none of the old application on the scanner
  2. Run Cold Restart Install
  3. Cold Restart to begin installing the applications on the scanner - You will not see it but several applications will install in the background
  4. Warm Restart the scanner so you can move on to the Intralight phase of the install
  5. Choose Yes to All when the Intralight install starts
  6. Warm Restart the scanner to get Intralight properly registered on the scanner
  7. Make sure you are connected to the PC with ActiveSynch
  8. Open Iscan from Start / Programs / iscan2000
  9. You can repeat steps 3 through 7 until you feel comfortable with the process of recovering from a cold restart which may be instigated from loss of battery power or an application lock up

In the near future, we hope to offer Cold Restart capability to ARM scanners that install an optional Compact Flash Card. The ARM scanners do not have enough built in flash memory to handle the database. However, an additional 32MB or 64MB Sandisk Compact Flash card can be purchased for $30-$40. The upcoming version will allow for flexible assignment of the database to any location accessible to the scanner.

To determine if you have enough space to run the current Cold Restart program, verify that your application directory has enough space. Go to Start / Settings / System / Memory / Storage Card / Select Application / Total Storage Card Memory. If Total Storage Card Memory for Application is greater than 20MB, you can use Cold Restart.