Intralight 4.5 PC Install

General Notes

·         Sometimes there are two files with the same name except for x64 or x86. In those cases, you should install the x64 version if using an x64(64 bit)  OS. In other cases, use the x86 version. There is one exception to that which you will see below.

·         MS Office 64 bit is not compatible…does not work ok…out of memory exceptions and file incompatibilities

For Machines with Intralight 4.0

Uninstall the Sql Server default instance, Access Runtime, and Intralight if you had Intralight 4.0 on this machine.

If you are using Sql Server on this machine for other applications, you may need to do a manual upgrade of sql server to 2008 R2. Check with third party applications for compatibility.

For Windows XP Only

Install Windows XP SP3 if not already installed

For Windows 7 Only

Install Windows 7 SP1 if not already installed

Access 2010 Runtime

·         Use AccessRuntime2010_x86

·         Right click on C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\msaccess.exe and set in compatibility mode tab to run as administrator

SQL Server 2008 R2

·         Use SQLEXPRWT_x86_ENU.exe

o    May prompt for a couple of pre requisites which you must install first

§  .net 3.5

§  Windows installer 4.5

§  Windows updates again

o    May fail later on asking for windows power shell install


o    Select New Installation

o    accept all options including replication

o    Choose default instance OR change NAMED INSTANCE and instance id to MSSQLSERVER

o    Choose System account for the service

o    change to mixed mode

·         Open configuration and enable tcpip and named pipes for protocols and client protocols, restart sql server service -

·         Unzip the files from to a folder and then run the .cmd file. It will open a command window. The first two lines should be

o    sqlcmd -i SQLServerCustomization.sql

o    Changed database context to 'master'.

You can close the window when it is done. It should only take a second or two.

·         Restart sql server service

SQL Server Backward compatible Components

·         For 64 Bit: Use SQLServer2005_BC_x64.msi

·         For 32 Bit: Use SQLServer2005_BC_x86.msi

Crystal runtime

·         For 64 Bit: Use CRRedist2008_x64.msi

·         For 32 Bit: Use CRRedist2008_x86.msi

Intralight Prerequisites

Use IntralightPreReq.msi


·         Use Intralight.msi

·         Open to allow it to attach the databases


·         Open Intralight and make sure you got prompted to attach new databases

·         Logon intralight

·         Open report

·         Load daily online

·         Load daily offline

If you don’t need a scanner, you’re done here

For Windows 7: Windows Mobile Device Center

·         Check to see if Windows Mobile Device Center is installed.

·         If not, install using  - drvupdate-amd64.exe

For Windows XP Only:

·         Install ActiveSync 4.5 using  ActiveSync45.msi

For Windows 7: IIS

·         Start / Run / type “Turn Windows features on or off”


Sql server compact 3.5 sp2

You need to have both x86 and x64 installed if you are running an x64 OS

·         For 64 Bit: Use SSCERuntime_x64-ENU.msi and SSCERuntime_x86-ENU.msi

·         For 32 Bit: Use SSCERuntime_x86-ENU.msi

Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 Service Pack 2 Server Tools

·         Install the server tools

o   For 64 Bit: Use SSCEServerTools_x64-ENU.msi

o   For 32 Bit: Use SSCEServerTools_x86-ENU.msi

·         Start / Run / type “configure web synchronization wizard”

o   For step by step directions: RunningWebSynch.htm

Scanner install

·         If upgrading a scanner that had another version of the scanner application

o    Remove all programs from the scanner

o    Delete scan.sdf and employee.sdf. They may be on the storage card.

·         Open and then open the .sql file within it. It will open SQL Server Management Studio. Hit the F5 button when it comes up. It should return no errors – should probably turn this into a sqlcmd item to execute more easily. I know you did this earlier but it needs to be done again.

·         Unzip

o    If you have WM 5.0, run RunAll.bat

o    If you have PocketPC 4.2, run RunAllPPC.bat

·         If you have WM 5.0, run WM50Printers.exe

Testing Scanner

·         Load a daily and send to POS Integration

·         Logon

Known Issues

·         Bar code reports will not print yet. You can print them from the mobile printers


·         If you suspect that it’s opening Intralight.ade with the wrong version of Access, force the correct version by opening the correct version of msaccess.exe in an office14 folder such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14.

·         If you have trouble with the scanner connectiontry turning off firewalls and virus checkers.

·         If you get an error when trying to connect to Gilbarco Gsite using GCBI, check to see if you have Office 64 bit installed. It is only compatible with Office 32 bit. There could be other issues related to Office 64 bit.

·         If you are running an older XP machine with less RAM, the Crystal Reports will open slowly. It can be run with as little as 256MB of RAM but this is not suggested.

·         There is also a new flag in the zdUser.xml file called PromptUserForNewDatabases. If set to '0', it will not prompt to install the local databases. If set to '-1', it will prompt to install the local databases. 

·         If the scanner does not logon, try putting in the ip address instead of the machine name. You can find the IP address using IPCONFIG from a command prompt

·         You may try using My Mobilir to remote control your scanner. The latest version is at However, we have also included a version of it at MyMobiler125_02072010.exe in the installs folder. It supports Windows Mobile 2003, 5.0 / 6.0 / 6.5.

·         If you have trouble running Crystal Reports and are on a 64 bit machine, you might try installing the 32 bit runtime version. Let us know if this works. If so, we'll change the standard instructions.

Install with limited functionality

If you do not need to submit dailies, you can skip everything under the following sections