Retaill Analytics Retail is now operated virtually at the speed of light. Real-time or at least daily decisions must be made from the same day's results. Retail is not retail without accurate and complete information access within your systems. Integrated with Intralight RMS are over 100 business intelligence reports for inventory, cash, labor and more, that will leverage your business and personal life. Why not make better decisions while reducing your required analysis time. Contact us for samples.
Security and Stability
  128 bit encryption

  Data authentication
  99.9% up-time, 8AM to Midnight
  On-site/off-site backup

  UPS and diesel generator

POS Interfaces
  Gilbarco G-SITE
  Gilbarco Passport
  Verifone Ruby and Sapphire

  Tokheim Harmony (international)

Weigh Scale Interfaces
  Digi via NBI Scalecon

Accounting - General Ledger Interfaces
  UA Corporate Accounting
  Any G/L can be used

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Retail Management Software - (RMS) Intralight RMS is a retail back office and accounting system. Its features include inventory control, pricebook, scanning, ordering, daily store reports, unlimited store synch, A/P, A/R, G/L interfaces, reporting, bank account integration, POS integration and much more. Intralight RMS streamlines operations between store, home office, warehouse and other; eliminating the need for paperwork while increasing control, reducing home office required labor, and immediately adding to your bottom line. Intralight RMS can function as real-time as you want, it only depends on internet connectivity at each store and home office. It can interface with front-end point of sale systems and cash registers, so shift/daily closes can batch and be polled into the back office for collaboratoin with other peripheral transactions like scanning or charges. It can interface to back-end general ledgers for financials. You only need decide to use your existing general ledger or to interface a new one; and to outsource or integrate a payroll processing system. Intralight RMS is your central retail management system. Click to see more product information and sample screenshots.

Scanning Software Intralight iScan2000 is a retail back office scanning software that is fully integrated with Intralight RMS. It is a color Mobile Windows based application with a touch screen for easy training and use. It provides transaction point control for functions such as the receiving of inventory in the back room, physical counts on inventory on the floor, ordering of needed merchandise and the transfer of product from one department to another. It even has a time clock function for clocking employees in and out.

Accounting Software Integrated with Intralight RMS are home office accounting features that finish the information process and prepare data for export to the general ledger for financial reporting. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, check writing, aging, bank reconciliation and more provide efficient processing and audting of data. Some of the benefits of the integrated accounting features vs. a third party accounting system are single data entry, live audting, and data accuracy. The flexibility you have in using a G/L makes it so you can stay with what you currently use or change out, even to simple and inexpensive G/Ls like Quickbooks or MYOB.
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